Teaching for CORS

Master of Medicines Regulatory Affairs

CORS is involved in this part-time continuous education programme, given at the University of Copenhagen. The Master's programme offers an opportunity to get thorough insight into the regulatory process at all the stages during drug development, as well as highlight the differences in regulatory demands that are present between countries. 

We contribute to the following courses:

Professor Marie Louise De Bruin, Assistant Professor Christine Hallgreen, and our PhD students are directly involved with teaching.

Regulatory Science elective course

This course is an elective for the MSc Programme in Pharmacy or Pharmaceutical Sciences, the MSc Programme in Medicinal Chemistry, and the MSc Programme in Pharmaceutical Sciences (English programme). The aim of the course is to give participants insight into and understanding of Regulatory Science as well as giving the participants a better understanding of the theories and methods available for analysing the effects of regulatory systems and interventions.

Master thesis

CORS supervises theses of students in the process of finishing their master degree.

Are you considering joining us? Consult the catalogue to see the full list of our master theses.

As examples, you can see the outcomes of three of our previous master students on their posters: