19 March 2020

Louise C. Druedahl to take part in Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting


After her EliteForsk Travel Scholarship, PhD student Louise C. Druedahl has been chosen to be one of the three Danish researchers attending the 70th Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting in Germany.

The meeting is a prestigious international scientific forum that provides the opportunity for young researchers to meet Nobel Laureates and exchange their ideas. Louise C. Druedahl will be one of the 650 undergraduates, PhD students and PostDoc researchers invited to meet 70 Nobel Laureates in Physiology and Medicine, Physics and Chemistry.

“It is of course an honour to be selected to take part in the Meeting, and it is difficult to describe how happy I am”, she says, “it is such a great opportunity to exchange scientific expertise with some of the brightest people on the planet. It is a network gathering different skills, and I hope to learn from other researchers’ experiences”.

The meeting will focus on interdisciplinarity, which is a strong component of Louise C. Druedahl’s PhD project, entitled The shifting regulatory landscape of biosimilars from stakeholder perspectives. The project adopts an interdisciplinary approach to address the current experiences with biosimilars, with perspectives from natural and regulatory science, law, patients and clinicians. “The interdisciplinary approach allows for more nuances and strengthens the research conclusions”, she adds.

“I see the invitation as a confirmation that my research is relevant for science and society and that there is strong interest in it. I hope that it will have a positive impact on public health.” The findings of the project will contribute to the development of cheaper biosimilars, ultimately allowing better access for patients.

“The Meeting will hopefully help me to develop as a researcher, and enable me to find my own way within Pharmaceutical Sciences and interdisciplinary research”.

The project is conducted in collaboration between the Copenhagen Centre for Regulatory Science (CORS), the Social and Clinical Pharmacy group, and the Centre for Advanced Studies in Biomedical Innovation Law (Faculty of Law), all entities hosted by University of Copenhagen. The funding partner is LEO Pharma. Read the whole project description.


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