28 February 2020

PhD student Louise C. Druedahl receives EliteForsk Travel Scholarship


Louise C. Druedahl has received an EliteForsk Travel Scholarship from the Ministry of Higher Education and Science. The coveted scholarships supports her overseas research stay at Harvard Medical School.

Louise Druedahl with the other winners and Crown Princess Mary

Each year, the Ministry of Higher Education and Science awards travel scholarships to young researchers at the national universities through the prestigious EliteForsk support programme.

PhD student Louise C. Druedahl, from Copenhagen Centre for Regulatory Science and the Social and Clinical Pharmacy group, Department of Pharmacy, received a travel scholarship from the hands of Minister of Higher Education and Science Ane Halsboe-Jørgensen and Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Mary.

The scholarship amounts to DKK 200,000 and support stays at foreign research institutions. 

Biological Copies
Louise C. Druedahl's PhD project is about creating a better understanding of biosimilar drugs, meaning a form of copy medicine with the same, safe effect as an original biological drug.

She will use her scholarship for a research stay at Harvard Medical School. There, she will collaborate with leading researchers in the cross field between medicine and law and explore the possibilities of optimising the processes for the approval and use of biosimilar drugs.

'The EliteForsk scholarship lifts my project to an international level because I can work with the best in my field. I will benefit greatly from the American methods of analysis and perspectives on my European research data', says Louise C. Druedahl.

Read more about the travel scholarships and see all recipients on the EliteForsk website.


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