16 May 2019

Prof. Ming-Wei Wang visits CORS


Coming from Fudan University in China, Prof. Ming-Wei Wang hosted a lecture in the Regulatory Science elective course, and took part in a Sino-Danish regulatory science education collaboration meeting.

Prof. Ming-Wei Wang visits CORS
From right o left: Prof. Sven Frøkjær, Dr Flemming Madsen, Prof. Marieke De Bruin, Prof. Ming-Wei Wang, Dr Jens Heisterberg.

As part of the Sino-Danish regulatory science education collaboration, Prof. Ming-Wei Wang gave a presentation about the Drug Regulatory System in China for students of the Regulatory Science elective course.

Later on, he took part in a meeting together with Prof Sven Frøkjær (University of Copenhagen), Prof Marieke De Bruin (University of Copenhagen), Dr Flemming Madsen (University of Copenhagen), and Dr Jens Heisterberg (Novo Nordisk, Denmark).

The participants renewed their interest in the student exchange opportunities: Danish students will be able to start internships in China, while Chinese students have possibilities to enroll in the Master programmes and summer classes in Copenhagen.

Read more about the agreement here: Fudan University aims to strengthen its cooperation with the University of Copenhagen and CORS and Fudan University finds inspiration at SUND.