02 May 2019

Christine E. Hallgreen appointed as Associate Professor at CORS


We are happy to announce that Christine E. Hallgreen has been newly appointed Associate Professor at CORS. Christine was previously an Assistant Professor, a position she has occupied for four years.

“I am very happy to become Associate Professor, and look forward to continuing my research at the Centre”, she says. “I am honoured to contribute further to CORS activity, and be able to leave my mark on the field of regulatory science, by using my background in engineering physics, exploring the use of methods from complex systems dynamics. I aspire to describing, understanding and optimizing the functioning of the regulatory system and its tools, in order, ultimately, to promote public health”.

CH is currently working on different projects in Impact of drug regulation on health (focus area 1) and Post-marketing drug regulation (focus area 2). The description of all the projects can be found on our Research focus area page.