CORS Conference 2020

Pandemics as driver for regulatory innovation
- regulatory changes in times of disaster

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The regulatory world is currently under immense pressure, with global expectations to approve the long-awaited cure against COVID-19 as fast as possible. At the same time as the regulatory system is pushed to the limit, it innovates and instigates changes to accommodate fast patient access to treatment. In this year’s conference, we will focus on how pandemics foster regulatory innovation. Themes to be addressed include the use of novel data techniques, such as artificial intelligence to be applied in regulatory decision-making, as well as communication of uncertainties and benefit/risk evaluation of medicines.

How have these been used in time of regulatory pressure? What can we learn from the exceptional circumstances? And what regulatory innovations should we take forward?

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Confirmed Keynote speakers: Kristoffer Albris (Department of Anthropology, University of Copenhagen), Andrea Julsing Keyter (South African Health Products Regulatory Authority), Frederic Bouder (Department of Safety, Economics and Planning, University of Stavanger).

Confirmed speakers and moderators: Jesper Kjaer (Danish Medicines Agency), François Houÿez (EURORDIS), Melanie Carr (European Medicines Agency), John Zibert (LEO Pharma A/S), Niels Buch Leander (NNIT A/S), Theis Lange (Department of Public Health, University of Copenhagen), Lisa Storm Villadsen (Department of Media, Cognition and Communication, University of Copenhagen). EFPIA will also contribute with a speaker.

The Conference will take place online and is free of charge for all participants.

CORS would like to invite stakeholders from all backgrounds, academia, industry, and regulatory agencies.

Programme and speakers will be disclosed continuously.