Copenhagen Summer University - Regulatory issues in pharmaceutical development

Regulatory legal issues in the area of pharmaceuticals are rapidly growing in importance, not only because the legal framework is in a seemingly constant state of flux, but also because this area of the law is increasingly proving itself one of the crucial elements in the toolbox of pharmaceutical and biotechnological companies when launching new products and drugs onto the market.

Data and market exclusivity and orphan drug market exclusivity, for example, constitute powerful incentives for pharmaceutical companies to invest in new drugs and other forms of treatment. These incentives have increased so much in importance that they are sometimes perceived as being just as fundamental to a pharmaceutical company as traditional patent protection. Moreover, in cases where such patent protection is not always available, such exclusivities take on even greater relevance.

This course offers an exciting update on the most critical and relevant changes in legislation and case law over the last few years, providing an “unmissable” opportunity to bring yourself up to speed with recent challenging developments in this vital legislative area.

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